Tell No Foxx


Release Self-Titled Debut EP on Friday 4 July

& perform in-store HMV Grafton Street on the same day!

Lead track ‘Boulevard’

“They’re a slick, very polished band who are unashamed at the level of production they put into their music. Imagine an Irish contender to Bastille’s crown and you’d be right on the money. Its atmospheric rock with pop sensibilities that has its sights set on the charts” –

The Irish trio of Brian Sillery, Luke Lacey, & Johnny Flood under the guise of Tell No Foxx are set to release their debut self- titled EP on July 4th.

Hailing from Wicklow Tell No Foxx’s music complements the expansive nature of their environment. Brian, Luke and Johnny started creating music together midway through university, experimenting with different soundscapes and drawing from a large diverse pool of influence.

Tell No Foxx use a wide pallet of electronic & natural drums, hollow synths; minimalistic guitar wrapped in meaningful lyrical textures, to create a sound that is both heartfelt and mysterious, glimpsing echoes of the 80’s infused with contemporary taste.

The band started working on their debut EP in January 2014. The EP is self-produced, recorded between their next-door neighbour’s studio and Luke’s laptop. Pete Meaghan engineered and co mixed the EP along with Luke.

The lead track from the self-titled EP is ‘Boulevard’, check out the video here – .The theme for ‘Boulevard’ is adultery; the guys wanted the video to convey duality of man, the many hats a person can wear in life, a person torn between lust impulse and faith.

Tell No Foxx will be playing an in-store live show in HMV Grafton Street, Dublin on Friday July 4th to celebrate the release of their EP.