Ayala releases new single 5157 Miles on 29 August

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‘5157 Miles’

Out August 29th

Ayala is releasing her new single ‘5157 Miles’ in Ireland on the 29th August. Last year saw Ayala have a top 5 club hit in the UK with her song ‘The Sun Has Come’ remixed by Joey Negro (Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, Sugababes, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie and Pet Shop Boys). This track reached the top 10 in the Music Week club chart.

Since then Ayala has been writing in LA where she wrote ‘5157 Miles’ which was inspired one day when Ayala was feeling home sick and missed her family in Dublin. She decided to look up the distance between Dublin and LA which turned out to be 5157 miles and the song was born.

Ayala spent the early years of her life in Dublin. Her parents were extremely musical and had an old record player with tonnes of old jazz records that Ayala listened to and loved. “I was mad about Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan too. But I wasn’t only into the highbrow stuff. I also loved Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue.”

Ayala wanted to sing from a very young age, her solo debut was in a school play at the age of 5 and ever since she has had no doubt she wanted to make a career of it – “Although I can play the harp, the violin and the piano too, my heart has always been in singing – that’s when I feel at my most creative and happy.”

Ayala has been compared to Alicia Keys, Corinne Bailey Rae and Emile Sande and her music has been praised by many. Ayala’s music will sound as fantastic 50 years from now as it does today. Ayala is here to stay.

‘5157 Miles’ will be released via De Angelis Entertainment on the 29th August.