All The Luck In The World’s video for ‘Never’ has amassed over 800K views, taken from their self-titled debut album releasing Jan 2014.

All The Luck In The World

Release their Self-Titled Debut Album January 2014

Lead track ‘Never’ has over 800,000 YouTube views &

Features on Trivago TV Advert which is set to roll out across Europe from January 1st!

All The Luck In The World are three 19-year-old extremely talented guys from County Wicklow, consisting of Neil Foot, Ben Connolly and Kelvin Barr who are currently students at the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music (BIMM). Neil founded the band in November 2011, with the intention of playing and writing music for their own enjoyment.

All The Luck In The World began to gain some unexpected attention when they created a small, home-recorded discography that they posted on YouTube. They began to attract a small but enthusiastic following that has continued to grow. Their song “Never” accompanied by some simple footage of a car journey grabbed the attention of many and it had reached an impressive 70,000 views without any promotion. The song is featured in the new TV advert for the hotel comparison website Trivago this year allowing for ATLITW to reach a larger audience giving it significant media exposure. Since the TV advert aired the video has gained over 800,000 views! The Trivago advert is set to roll out across Europe from the 1st of January 2014 so you can expect to see those video views to increase even more!

The songs of the three-piece band are often instrumentally sparse, reduced to the essentials, as conscious of tradition as they are contemporary. Young folk if you will, a new generation. Sometimes the band surges up behind the singer, electrified guitars, full brass sections, strings, and then again it becomes quiet and Neil’s voice is all that remains. Accompanied by the strumming of a lonely acoustic guitar a voice that laconically acknowledges that life can often be a drag, but that nevertheless celebrates the beauty of the whole world, awakens longings, and yes makes you a bit happy.

The band spent much of spring 2013 at Neil’s home in the quiet Wicklow countryside working hard on writing new material. German label, Barfilm Records, caught wind of ATLITW’s sound and offered the guys a chance to make a debut record. The trio were only thrilled at the offer and after agreeing a deal with Barfilm they started on the quest of creating their first ever album. During the summer the group spent two weeks recording in Denee, Belgium and another four weeks in Berlin recording and mixing. In November they went back into the studio in Rees-HArldern to give the album the final touch and to record two further songs.

After a busy summer and between recording sessions, the band came home to Ireland to rest and began preparations for performing and promoting the record. The album combines the core elements of All the Luck in the World’s signature homemade acoustic feel with larger instrumental arrangements, while maintaining the intimate feel listeners will be familiar with.

All The Luck In The World’s self-titled debut album is out digitally on the 1st January 2014 and physical copies will be available from the 31st of January 2014.

“We wrote this album with the same mindset that created All the Luck in the World two years ago. We enjoy what we have made, hopefully others will too.” – Neil Foot – All The Luck In The World