Eoin Glackin

Eoin Glackin

is sending a postcard to the world this summer with his new single ‘Dublin in the Sun’ 

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Dublin-born singer-songwriter, Eoin Glackin, releases his new single Dublin in the Sunan uplifting, nostalgic anthem that calls to mind those blue-skied Irish summer days, as beautiful as they are rare.  

A relentless tourer, Glackin has shared the road with legendary acts like The Darkness, Joan Armatrading and, most recently, Irish icons, Aslan.  

The new single was written, unsurprisingly, after a long afternoon of lounging in the sunshine. Glackin recalls how inspiration sparked, unbidden, during lockdown; ”We were in a heavy lockdown and I was sitting out the back of the house having a few beers. I was yearning to head into the city centre and just ramble, stop into a few favourite bars and soak up the atmosphere. I felt nostalgic for those kinds of days and started writing this song as I sat there. Hopefully we can start making up for lost time soon!”

The song was produced by Justin Adams, an acclaimed blues and world-music producer, musician and long-time collaborator of music legend Robert Plant. Dublin in the Sun is the second record that Glackin has collaborated with Adams on, a partnership that was borne out of a love of the blues: “Myself and Justin hit it off talking about Mississippi John Hurt, the great folk and blues musician whose work I’ve come to admire more and more over the past few years. This is the second track we’ve worked on together now and it’s been great going back and forth with ideas and picking his brain. He has a great wealth of knowledge on all things blues and folk music”.

The new song builds on the momentum of Glackin’s recent string of acclaimed single releases including How Quick the World Can Change, Before the Rain and El Dorado, all of which featured in heavy rotation on Irish and UK radio stations.

‘Dublin in the Sun’ is available to stream and download everywhere now