D. Cullen

D. Cullen releases ‘I’m Not Leaving’ on 16 September

Taken from his forthcoming album

Sing My Story, Tell My Song

Due out on 23 September Pre-order now

Singer and songwriter D. Cullen releases his new single ‘I’m Not Leaving’ on 16 September, the latest single taken from his forthcoming album Sing My Story, Tell My Song. With a haunting chord structure and a dynamic piano track, the song tells the story of someone who is fully committed to their relationship, despite mistakes or doubts: ‘I’m not leaving, I’m right here where I belong.’ Produced by Ivan Jackman, D. Cullen played all instruments and backing vocals were provided by Sinead McConville, a close collaborator.

Cullen explains, ‘Musically, I’m obsessed with the chords in this song; it’s all major 7ths and add 2s. I just love the sound of them. Lyrically, it’s just about committing to someone, which is the most beautiful and terrifying thing you can do.’

D. Cullen is otherwise known as Darragh Cullen, a twenty-seven-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dublin. Despite his young age, D. Cullen has already had significant success in the music business, releasing his first album when he was just fifteen, which lead to him being named Male Solo Artist of the Year 2011 by Jackie Hayden of Hot Press. In 2019 D. Cullen released ‘Alright’ which debuted with a performance on The Late Late Show, and quickly became one of the most played songs on RTÉ Radio One. It was followed by The Rising Tide EP.

After a slew of single releases in 2020 and 2021, D. Cullen is set to release his album Sing My Story, Tell My Song on 23rd September. The twelve-track album has been a long time in the making: writing started in 2018, with recording sessions with Boo Hewerdine and Chris Pepper in 2019, and the album was set for release in 2020 when it was derailed by Covid lockdowns.

During lockdown D. Cullen hit upon a wellspring of creativity and couldn’t stop writing. He taught himself how to produce and record and thus began a two-year process of recording demos, drafting in musicians for remote sessions, sending files to Roger Bechirian, Conor McLoughlin and Chris Pepper, and essentially making a whole new album’s worth of songs. When the time came to finally release the album, he had over forty songs to pick from and the cream of the crop made it onto Sing My Story, Tell My Song. D Cullen is incredibly proud of the album and can’t wait to debut it at the live shows he has already scheduled.

D. Cullen tours Ireland;

Sept 6th            Sunflower Pub, Belfast (co-headline w. Javier Martinez)     NI

Nov 5th            Monroe’s, Galway                                                                  IRE

Nov 10th          Crane Lane, Cork                                                                   IRE

Nov 13th          Whelan’s, Dublin                                                                    IRE

Nov 18th          50RPM Club (The Georgian Hotel), Coatbridge                   SCOT

Nov 20th          Doublet Bar, Glasgow                                                            SCOT

Nov 21st          The Captain’s Bar, Edinburgh                                                SCOT

Pre-Order ‘Sing My Story, Tell My Song’ now  https://www.dcullenmusic.com/shop